Heron Production to resume!

Heron is under new ownership. It is now part of Bicycle Classics.

(Please excuse our temporary mess!)

Production of the Heron line of framesets is scheduled to resume soon. They will be built with non-oversized NOS Reynolds butted 531 tubing. Geometries are changing, and the frames will be optimized to more traditional designs.

Only two NOS Heron Road frames remain available. Both are 50 cm. Road models, which require 26-inch wheels. One is red, while the other is silver in color. If you are interested in one of these final frames, please inquire at Bicycle Classics. Waterford will remain available for repairs, repaints, and warranty service for the old Herons. So, prior customers will not be left without support.


The Concept of Heron
Handcrafted in the USA, Herons are lugged, silver-brazed frames that are as versatile as they are comfortable. While they may look traditional, make no mistake, they are designed for today's cyclists, with timeless design and understated elegance. Steel is real!

You won't be comfortable on any bicycle unless your position is just right. With the Heron geometry, we optimize the saddle and handlebar positions. This not only feels better, it makes the drop portion of the bars more usable. . Ride on the tops for fun rides around town. Ride on the hoods for long distance comfort. Ride on the drops for competitive club rides, races, or just battling a tough head wind. Get the most out of your handlebars!

Optimized clearances, dropout eyelets, and lots of brazed-on fittings allow a relatively wide range of tires, and are fender-, rack-, and accesssory-friendly. We can't find any downsides, yet this is what makes a Heron great for brevets, commuting, road racing, club rides, touring, or just plain fun. It makes you wonder why more builders don't do this!

Herons are American-made handcrafted steel frames. There are far cheaper methods and locations to build frames, but we think that ours are still the best, and will create a product of lasting value. We use lugs because they look great and add an external reinforcement to strengthen joints. Herons are silver-brazed because it is gentler on the tubing. We chose to do this even though it is more expensive and more difficult to do.

While the methods used to craft these frames are quite traditional, Herons are unlike most of the lugged steel frames of years past. Our NOS butted Reynolds 531 tubing is a proven combination of strength and light weight, and gives that oh-so-wonderful non-oversized classic-steel-frame ride quality. Our lug design combines the style of older lugs but with the precision of today's best investment casting. We strive to give you custom frame quality at a production frame price.

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